Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer tiiiime

Hayley has been spending a lot of time on this blog recently, reading post after post...giggling every 20 seconds...  One day I think she spent 2 hours sitting at the kitchen table, flipping through stories of the Smith family past.  When she was done reading for the day, she said 
"Mom, I'm so glad you kept this blog and wrote all that stuff."
It was awesome to hear, because that is, and they are, the very reason I ever thought to keep a blog in the first place.  
And what I love, is that it is not the big exciting things we do as a family that they like to reminisce about the most, but the little things that happen in our every day chaotic lives.
For that reason, I was thinking I should probably make this blogging biz more of a regular thing.
(Don't hold me to that, of course.)

I've been trying to work one on one with Ty with some preschool-like things.
I'm not going to lie, it is a struggle.  The girls were so easy and excited to learn at his age, but Ty, after we're only 3 minutes into our 'lesson'  starts begging for a snack...and then there is whining about whatever he can think of to whine about...and then begging to watch 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' and so on.  I get frustrated, and sometimes we have to take a few breaks from each other throughout the lesson.... But we continue to press forward anyway, because my kid WILL know his stuff by the time he's in kindergarten!!

This is him guessing which items are going to float or sink, and then testing it out.
This activity actually included no whining.
Just smiles.

My kids will never be known for their good manners.  That is a fact.

The last 2 weeks of 5th grade, I don't think Hayley did anything but party.
This was at the 5th grade dance (which Hayley was asked to by 3 different boys)  
She asked me to be a chaperone and I happily said yes.  You all know I would never pass up a chance to go to a dance in a million years.  ;)

I also chaperoned Tia's end of the year field trip to Brandywine Picnic Park.  It was the first field trip I had ever been on, actually.  They had a blast, and I had the best little group of kids I could have asked for.  The rock climbing wall was a lot harder than Tia had anticipated, but she eventually made it to the top.

Hayley was asked by the 5 th grade teachers to give a speech at her Elementary Graduation.
It was so sweet.

After the ceremony was over, she crumbled into my arms and burst into tears.  
She didn't want to leave all of the people and memories behind.  

 Mr. Manley, Hayley's basketball coach, and one of her favorite people ever.

And here is one of her best buds, Jake.
These two have so much fun together.

My little player, and her cute coach.

Gracelyn is such a little angel. She makes everything so much fun.
Even if it's just sitting on a pool chair doing nothing.

Wish I could say the same for....
;) Kiddinnnnnng

This is an old picture from way back in April.  
April fools day to be exact.  Hayley wrote on Tia's face while she was sleeping.  I didn't realize people could legitimately sleep through something like that....but here's proof.
Trick of the day, most definitely.

Jordan and Hayley on a Saturday morning bike ride.

We took a break from looking at the animals in the Philly zoo for a quick  paddle boat ride around the pond.
It turned into a game of bumper swans with Hayley and Tia.  It was hard to be lady like while pedaling in a skirt, but I did my best.

Jordan got a new phone a few days ago, and we are having the best time playing around with the new camera features.  
Exhibit A.  So funny, right?

This was taken on the Spirit of Philadelphia Cruise Ship.
So peaceful and beautiful.

After the cruise we decided to do a little exploring, so we walked down the boardwalk along the river and ran into the coolest park, we never knew existed.  It was filled with hammocks, and people just layin' around...there was a section of it that had several jumbo sized board games, and building blocks...
It was 10:30 at night and there were little kids up hoppin all around us.  It was kind of strange.
Food stands, and music....  It was like the after party to our party.

Smith family is off to a campground next week. Our plan of attack is to squeeze all 6 of us into a little cabin and hopefully make some good memories.
I have a feeling this trip will produce a few good stories for you to hear next time.
Smith Camping trips always do.