Thursday, July 29, 2010

Must ration

Nobody realized we were out of back up toilet paper until this we're having to ration the 1/4 roll we have left until we can get to the store in the morning:

4 squares per bathroom visit go to Hayley and Daddy,
and 2 squares per bathroom visit go to Tia and I, (who visit the bathroom just a little more frequently.)

I hope we make it.

While on the subject of....well, you are a few pictures taken after a potty accident that occurred recently, when one little girl had to go SO BAD, but there was not a single bathroom around.

Because the clothes on her bottom half were soiled, we stripped her neggid and tried to find some extras in the van. Instead we found a bag from Goodwill to use as her top....and wrapped her top around her waist as a skirt.
I couldn't stop laughing the whole way home.
But this girl was NOT happy.

At all.

This is Tia saying "I'm NOT an ORTHIN!" (orphan) (Hayley kept saying she looked like one)

Just thought I'd share.