Thursday, January 26, 2017


Is anybody still here ere ere?  (echo)
Does anyone even blog anymore?  ore ore?

Well I've recently decided it's time to kick this thing into restart.  Evidence of the entire last year and a half of our lives remains stored away in the deep abyss of Google photos.  Thousands of (low quality) pictures with no descriptions or stories to accompany them.  I must have trusted myself a great deal to remember everything that transpired throughout that time period.  "Surely I will remember this exact funny thing he said, years from now... why should I ever write anything down?"
Well let me tell you something I have learned about trusting myself over the last long while.

I have driven through the drop off line at school and forgotten to drop my kids off entirely.  I have driven through the pick up line at school and forgotten to pick my kids up entirely.  Just kept on driving through, like I was part of a parade.  I have remembered to pick up some of my kids while leaving the other half at school...including a child we carpool with. Three times.  THREE.
The other day, I took Tia with me to the JCC since she wasn't feeling well enough to go to school.  She sat in J's office while I worked out, and can probably guess where this story is going....
I left, withOUT her.  I picked up Gracelyn from the little babysitting room, and drove on home, without a care in the world.  About 10 minutes after I got home, J called wondering where I was, and reminded me that I had a daughter sitting in his office. still.
That was the day the JCC had it's second bomb threat in 2 weeks.
She was there for it all because I left her.

You can see why it's probably best to not count on my memory anymore.
And also why it's probably best that you never ask me to care for your children, or anything else of value to you.

I want to reopen this blog with a series of photos of the one thing I love most in this world.  It's also probably the one thing I've spent the most time doing over the past year.  Snugglin' with this baby girl :

I used to scoff at selfie takers. Selfies have never been my favorite thing...but over the last little while, I've been switchin' my camera to selfie mode every chance I get...because I've realized that ain't nobody else gonna be taking pictures of me with these kids.  I have to capture the special moments myself if I want them captured at all.

Almost every day after we get home from the gym, I do a quick clean up of the house, and then we cuddle.  
Sometimes we turn on the lullabies.  Sometimes we lay there and talk about her day, or about a fun memory she has.  And sometimes we just cuddle in silence until she falls asleep.  
I will be stretching this sweet routine out as long as I can get away with.

 Stay tuned for more posts.  
We have much to catch up on.