Tuesday, January 31, 2012

These kids

Tonight I was looking at each of my kids, just watching them interact with each other and with their daddy on the couch..... I adore them so much, sometimes I feel like my heart is going to pop.

An update
Ty stood on his own for a few seconds today. Let it be known that I do not approve of this at all. (Nevermind that I was clapping and cheering for him the whole time). He's getting a cute little tooth on top and seriously smiles ALL of the time. He follows me around the house like a little puppy dog, and tries to sneak into the bathroom as much as possible. When he succeeds at sneaking passed me, he pulls himself up to the toilet and tries to suck on the seat.
Really kid? Of all things you could be sucking on. He is extremely playful and has already developed an adorable sense of humor.
His favorite thing is when Mom makes her bed, BeCAUSE.....

she likes to throw her pillows at him.
He knows it's coming, and gets a big ol' smile on his face every time.

Tia is already planning her birthday party which will be held at the very end of March. She is still all about princesses (Just wondering, is there an end in sight for that? ) and has all the details from the invitations, to the kind of cake, to the party favors all planned out. That day will be the most magical event in her life. I will make sure of it ;)
She is doing great in school and continues to impress me with her gigANtic vocabulary. She can hold her own in a conversation with anybody.

Hayley is so positive about everything all of the time. I don't know who she inherited that from, (it must not be inherited) but I love it. She was a little daredevil at Disney world and went on all the rides I would never have dared go on, like the Tower of Terror, among others.

She'll go on any ride, but when it comes to the weather, she gets freaked out if there is a single gray cloud in the sky. Every 15 minutes while we were in Florida, she'd look up at the sky and say, "Mom is that a tornado cloud?" "Are there storms coming?"
Every morning she logs onto the internet and types in ""
I find this hilarious, but I understand her fear completely. This last year we had some really intense storms that would have traumatized anybody. She's going to be a mess this summer for sure.

J and I are just keepin' busy doing our thing. He continues to make me laugh, and I continue to make him crappy meals. Hahaha.
You can tell it's late.
Love to all from Delaware.
and Happy Birthday Kevin!

Friday, January 27, 2012


I hear these two made LIP contact last week in church.
Ashley, did you know about this? ;)

Happy B-day to Hayley!
Fun Party with her friends...
Lots of fun with Uncle Jake
Beautiful Baptism

Fun trip to Florida
So magical.

Hollywood Studios
Sad tired hungry (handsome) baby boy
I had to take a picture of our favorite characters from the Disney Channel, Phineas and Ferb.
I don't know who these people are...though they do look nice.
With Tia at the Disney Junior show!

Hayley (who we nicknamed Duffy) at the car stunt show. It was by far the coolest thing we saw all week.
Great costume idea for the future. Go ahead and Pin it.
Awesome shows
Beautiful sunny days
Animal Kingdom African Safari

We got to go to an American Idol 'Experience.' So much fun.

The resort we were staying at had 2 large pools, which were also mini water parks. We were almost always the only people there.

My view looking up from the hot tub...;)

The resort also had a fun little arcade. Again, we were the only ones there, so I let the little boy roam free. He hung out next to the motorcycles. Naturally.
J won 70 tickets on Deal or No Deal. If you've ever played this game, you'd know that this is quite an accomplishment. He was a little bit excited.
And this is us playing mini golf until the late late hours of the night.
Pretty bummed this vacation had to come to an end, but so grateful we got to go.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You all know that I hate to brag,

so I'm NOT going to tell you about the most amazing day I had down here in Florida today, or about the beautiful resort in which we are currently residing, or that I just got back to my suite with wrinkly fingers and toes from sitting in the luxurious hot tub, which sits in the middle of a 'grove' of palm trees....which is like a total fantasy-come-true....until late into the night.

But I WILL tell you that J forced me to go on Space Mountain today at Disney World, and I screamed like a silly little girl the entire time. My girls were both on the same ride and they didn't make a peep.
I felt ridiculous,
and my throat is raw as heck.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hayley Jade

You are a beautiful person, inside and out. You are expressive, and witty, caring and intelligent. You are thoughtful, sensitive, giving and honest. You are patient and forgiving, teachable, and humble. You are a gift from heaven. A treasure in our home.
You have infinite potential and are loved by so many.

Please don't ever forget that.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Facts I learned from my kids about "Marlin Luthen King.... how do you say his name again?"

1: Martin Luther King Jr does not believe in 'valiance.'
2: Martin Luther King Jr was shot with a 'raffle.'

I can honestly say, I did not know those things before.

These two girls came home from school spewing forth all sorts of facts that they had learned about MLKJ and his life the other day.. They were so excited about this subject, they couldn't get their words out fast enough. They kept interrupting each other so they could be the one to tell me about Rosa Parks...and the 'sec-regation' and the 'uss-ass-i-na-tion' , etc. etc. Hayley actually made me stand outside in the freezing cold and listen to her read a huge portion of his 'I have a dream' speech before she would get out of the van. I was shocked and impressed at their interest level and amount of passion they had on the subject. And really, is there anything cuter than a little girl with a lisp talking about U.S. History?
(I know, we're working on the lisp, ok?)

Hayley Jade turns 8 this week...which means a birthday party, baptism, family from Oregon AND a trip to Florida next week.
So, lots of excitement.... lots of stress.... which also means a high consumption of sugar in my near future.
It's generally how I deal with things.

More on all of this soon!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thrift shopping, etcetera.

Here are this week's sweet finds/projects, that have made my living space so much more pleasant to inhabit.

A pendulum bulb vase. I love it.
This metal fixture was pale pink when I bought I painted it black and stuck it on the wall. Waiting for my next thrift shopping trip to find the perfect candle holder to go on top...but for now, the flowers are a good space filler.

When I bought this board it was yellowish-tan with black words painted on. I changed it up a little and made it into this. The vases were created out of lightbulbs.
More lightbulb vases, hanging from a shelf I picked up for about 1.50.

And here are some non-thrift related pictures:

We had a great time at the Kings vs. 76ers game the other night. Jimmer is an extremely popular figure in this household.... if you haven't already been able to tell.

Usually when I have a big mess to clean (see below), I figure out something ELSE I'd rather be doing....and then I do it.

Ty loves when I break out the guitar. He'll stop whatever he's doing, smile real big and then charge at it.

And here are my tired guys.

Thanks for enduring my show and tell.
Until next time...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My 'to do' list today:

Fold/put away laundry.
Pick choke-ables up off the floor. Maybe vacuum
Eat something other than peanut butter.
Get Ty hooked on a pacifier.
Get rid of everything. Craigslist it all.
Make lightbulb vases.
Stay sane. Stay positive.
Stay sane. Stay positive.
Stay sane. Stay positive.

Monday, January 9, 2012

One of these Smiths is not like the others...

Which makes this the most hilarious and all-time best Christmas present ever.
Even if it made Tia cry a little.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Someone get this kid a nanny, and QUICK.

Because he is trouble.