Sunday, February 16, 2014

These Winter Days

Hayley was chosen for her good behavior in music class to play a special instrument during their holiday concert.  She was so stressed out because the instrument they gave her was really heavy and she didn't know if she'd be able to sustain its weight throughout the entire song.  Notice everyone else looks somewhat happy....but all Hayley can focus on is not dropping the shaker. Poor girl. So much for trying to be all well behaved in class!

Just a typical Saturday morning at our place.  No one sleeps in passed 7 am around here.

I love this little girl so much.  Her sense of humor is the best.
We always tease her that ever since she was a toddler she hasn't been able to figure out how to eat an entire pbj without getting it all over her face.  (see the streak of peanut butter on her cheek) 

Does anyone remember this fish?  I blogged about it just over a year ago because I thought it was dead, but was waiting to flush it until I had finished sweeping the kitchen.  Jordan came in a few minutes after I announced its death and realized that it was, in fact, still alive.
This fish has lived for an entire year after that incident, but every single morning since then, at least one of us has looked at it and this thing still alive?

In this picture, you can see why.  He lays on his shells like a human lays on a movement.  He doesn't eat, he doesn't swim around.  He hates his life.

This is Ty doing the daily check:
"Fish Dead?"

Hayley Jade turned another year older in January. She's into the double digits now!

J is so hilarious.  I laugh every time I look at this picture and remember what that game was like that night.
I think this may be the most dreaded position to be in, in the game of Twister, no?

Some mornings when we hear Ty open his bedroom door, I hide under the covers really quick before he can get to our room. 
The first thing he says to J is, "Where's Mommy?"
"She's not here."  J teases.
"She's at work"
"Mommy's not here."
And then he gets all sad and confused...
after which I tear off the covers and reveal that Mommy is right here, and has been the whole time.
So sneaky.
But seriously, you'd think the kid would have caught on to this trick by now.
He yells "Mommmyyy!!! climbs on me, and smothers me with kisses... and then immediately asks for "Shed Wheat"

On this particular morning he thought he'd be funny and Wipe his pretend "boogas" all over me.
In the meantime, my husband on the other side of me was in the middle of an online negotiation with a Comcast representative about lowering our rates,  and kept asking me what he should write back. 
This is all at like 6:55 in the morning.
What does a pregnant woman have to do to get some sleep around here?

Ah, being pregnant. 
This is a picture of me, only seconds before a friend came to drop off her kids at my house. 
My girls let her in, and she walked into the living room, wondering if I had been put on bed rest.
No, I said.  I just ate a lot for lunch and needed to lay down and let it digest.
I am currently one week away from entering my third trimester of pregnancy.  I promise you the next post I make will be an update on all things baby.  It has been a physical and emotional roller coaster over the past few months, but I am trying to enjoy the experience as much as possible.  

One of the reasons I can never get anything done around here:  Ty likes to have my undivided attention at all times of the day.  (this is him hanging on my leg)

He LOVES to help with whatever I'm doing. If I'm sweeping, he'll try to steal the broom "I help Mommy!"  If I'm cooking, he scoots a chair right up next to the stove and wants to hold, touch, taste, stir, whatever I'm cooking.  If I'm vacuuming, he'll steal the hose.  If I'm putting clothes in the washer, he will find his stool, park it between me and the washer and start throwing every piece of clothing he can get his hands on, whether it be clean or dirty, into the washer.  And the list goes on. 
If Daddy calls him from the other room and says, "Ty, wanna come play with Daddy?"  He'll say "No!  I wanna help Mama!"  He is my little man, who will make a very good husband to some lucky lady one day. 

The following happened while I was getting ready for a date with my husband last weekend.  As I was reaching up to do my hair, this bracelet slid from my wrist, all the way up my arm passed my elbow, and I couldn't for the LIFE of me, get it back down.  I was convinced I'd have to go to the dance with a cuff on my upper arm.  Thankfully, J was finally able to coax it back down with a few twists.
My girls thought it was quite hilarious.

Usually J prefers to drive the 30-40 minutes once every two weeks to our favorite, cheap little grocery store to take care of our grocery needs. By himself.  I requested to go along with him this time...which of course meant, our entire family had to go.  We made SUCH a scene.. especially at the end when we had all 5 of us trying to bag our groceries.  People were giving us the funniest looks, and I can only imagine what they were thinking when they looked at my belly and saw that we were expecting yet another child.   Had to pause and capture the chaos on camera.

Hayley is on two basketball teams through her school this year.  Her games are so much fun to watch. 

Here is a team she played this afternoon.
Look a little closer now.
Do you see the size of #7?  
She is nearly twice as tall as Hayley and she's only in the 5th grade.
Hayley and I call her "Lebron-na"

One of Hayley's biggest fans.

This was after a particularly exciting game where Hayley made her first basket, and her team won at the very last second.  It was one of the best moments of her life.

Family outing to a Delaware 87ers game.

Rollin' through the drive thru at Wendy's before our Valentines day outing to Chuck E Cheese's.
We were so excited to get out of the house after being snowed in the day before.
We're starting to feel like the kids are being homeschooled with all of the snow days we've been having lately.

Hayley hit the jackpot at Chuck E Cheese's and scored 100 tickets from this game.
Which bought her a few packages of smarties, and a chuck E. tattoo.

Jordan wanted to make Hayley feel special on her birthday so he showed up during her lunch hour to eat with her and her friends.  He stayed for Tia's lunch hour as well.  Such a sweet Dad. 

Hayley got a hold of Dad's phone cam....

I don't know about you, but I am so looking forward to spring.  
More soon. :)