Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Please excuse me while I ease back into the world of blogging. It's like learning to walk all over again ;)
If you don't mind I'm just going to use this first post as a place to spew forth the few pictures I managed to take over the past couple of months.

You'll find that they are in no particular order...
kind of like my life these days.....

Hayley sittin' with her pals at Girl Scouts...

She's a 'Daisy', did you know?

They were almost undefeated this season and Hayley even scored a goal.
(You should ask her about it sometime. Her story gets better every time she tells it ;)

Cherry Crest Farms

Snuggling with my man.....and pulling a Zoolander face, apparently


I think I mentioned before how much this little girl loves to play with her
for one of our activities I decided to cook a whole pot of spaghetti for her to dig her hands into.
So much fun.

Hmmm. What was J for Halloween this year? I'll give you three guesses ;)
As much as I tried to get Hayley to be something else, she opted to carry on the tradition of being a beat up soccer player.
(For those who don't know...Jordan has dressed up as a beat-up soccer player for as long as he can remember. Kind of a joke in the family.)

Look at these strapping young men.

This is Tia giving Jeff an ear massage at Hayley's soccer game.
And a bald-head massage.
He rewarded her with Starbursts.
(P.S. Did you know they sell packages of JUST red and pink starbursts? I know! )


J totally got pooped on.

I can't decide who's face is the funniest. J was having way too much fun. Tia, not so much.
Funny, but I think playing in the hay, freestyle, was Tia's favorite part of the farm.

Thanks for your patience with me. I'll post a real update soon.