Saturday, October 13, 2012

I am a super adorable fire man.

I am a cutie patootie getting my morning sugar fix before school.

And I am a sicky, sleeping on the couch...

 juuuuust after I went into my mom and dad's bedroom and puked all over their bed and floor.

(Mom also got puked on a little.)
 But don't worry, she's used to it.

This is what I do when someone comes up to me that I don't know.  If I don't see them, they don't exist.  

We are the crabs that were steamed to death in the Smith kitchen.  
We were cracked/de-shelled/ and eaten.
Actually, only one of us were eaten...since the lady that cooked us couldn't stop gagging.  The rest of us died in vain.

 Even though my big sister pushes me off of couches, falls with me in her arms down the STAIRS,  takes away my toys, invades my personal space, and makes me cry, I will choose her over anyone else, every single time.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Girl Talk

I don't think my mom knew I had an interest in boys until I was 14 when I started going to dances.  

She didn't know  that my crushes actually started as early as kindergarten,  and that I was kissed on the cheek by 4 different boys in the first grade.  

I also recall  peeing  my pants in the first grade.  One of the boys I liked came up to me and said "Sarah said you peed your pants.  Did you?"
I completely denied it,  then I saw his eyes wander to the puddle of pee underneath my seat.  It was probably even still dripping FROM the seat.  I was mortified.
My mom never heard about that either.

Some things I just didn't tell her, not because I was afraid of her reaction, but because I was too embarrassed to tell ANYbody.

This is why I was a little surprised to hear Tia come home from school the other day, and like it was nothing, say,
"Hey mom, did you know that I like a boy at school named Vincent?"  as if it were any other piece of information from her day.
"Oh really?"  I asked.  "Who is this young chap?"
She told me that he was in a different class and 
that he was really cute and had kind of a piggy nose, but not really.  She then left me for a few minutes and came back down with a poem that she had written about him.  I copied it exactly as she wrote it.

"I love a boy Namde Vinny.
i just Think he is so ckyoote.
i just just hope he likes me,
Plees Plees say he likse me or all even die for you."

Curious about this young love, I started asking questions.
Does he know you like him?   "No."  she said.
"What do you do when you see him?"  She then showed me exactly what she does in the hall as she passes him by.  She looks at him very seriously and lifts up her hand and waves.  No smile.
"I always try to get his attention, but he never pays attention to me!"  She said.

Do you ever have a cute moment with your kids and you just want to squeeeeeeeze the heck out of them, because you don't know how else to express how much you love them at that moment.  That was all I could do right then.   
Boy does she have a lot to learn in the next few years.

Fun times for J and I ahead.