Saturday, May 18, 2013

For the sake of getting SOMEthing on the are some pictures we managed to take over the last few months:

Our first Bat Mitzvah.
I snickered every time I looked at J with that thingy on his head, which kept falling off everytime he moved around.

For J's birthday, he requested that we go to the aquarium.   

His birthday candles set off all the smoke alarms in our house.

which scared this little boy and made him cry...for pretty much the rest of the night.

We celebrated Tia's birthday, with a 'Monster High' theme.

                   Tia helped decorate her cake, which I think turned out adorable.      


 Here is Tia dressed up like Skeleta, one of her favorite Monster High girls. 

The girls hunting for their easter candy.

  We ordered Tia's birthday cupcakes  (for her classroom) from an 11 year old girl
who has hopes of starting up her own cupcake business.  She
did such a beautiful job.  You can tell Tia was happy with the results.

     Tia's art piece made it to the art show again this year.  
Remember how last year it was the black bird with blood coming out of its beak, and rear end?
I was pretty curious about what we'd find this time.
Thankfully there was no blood involved.

Ty turned 2 on May 7th.   That evening we lit his 2 candles, turned out the lights and just started to sing Happy Birthday when he started to freak OUT, because he was having flashbacks of the fire alarm episode on Jordan's birthday.  He was so scared that the smoke alarms were going to go off, that he cried, covered his ears and kept yelling "NO!" throughout the whole song.
To this day, if we start to sing Happy Birthday, he points to us and yells NO!

After I blew out his candles for him, he wouldn't touch his food for about 5 minutes.
When he finally decided  to try a bite of his cake, he sat like this...whole body stiff, just waiting for that smoke alarm to start beeping.

He was so stressed out!

The next day we went to a Baseball game and Ty took a little tumble on the bleachers.  
During one of the breaks between innings, the announcer  had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to a little 8 year old boy out on the field. Ty immediately stopped what he was doing, and looked around kind of frantically.  He managed to hold it together, but wasn't liking what he was hearing, that was for sure.

Tia and her two missing top teeth at the Blue Rocks game.  This girl is a superstar when it comes to losing teeth.  She tells daddy to pull as hard as he can, no matter how much it hurts.

Father-son campout
Here's a shot of him before they left for the camp out. 
He had no idea where he was going, he just knew he was going SOMEwhere with daddy, and that he had some fun stuff in his back pack.  He was the happiest little boy on earth that night.
Unfortunately it started to storm pretty bad late that night, so they arrived back home at around 11 pm.

For our ward talent show, Jordan and a few friends did an N'Sync dance to the song "It's gonna be me"
It was fantastic.
J is the second one from the left

Next time I'll catch you up in a little more detail :)