Thursday, January 15, 2015


Just a few more pictures today.  Haven't posted much of these sweet faces in a while.

Ty absolutely adores this little girl, as you will see from many of the pictures below.
Sometimes he plays a little too rough, but she doesn't ever seem to mind.

Our heater stopped working for a few hours on one of the coldest days we've had so far this winter,  so we all bundled up in layers, and shoved Gracelyn in her bunny suit.  (Thank you Grammy and Grandpa Bret) You can tell her nose is still cold. :)

My girls are able to put this baby to sleep in about 10 seconds flat.  
Hayley's method is laying her down like this, and humming 'Carol of the Bells'.
Works every time.

Basketball season started a few weeks ago, and this last weekend Hayley played in her first game.

She was on fire that day and
 ended up scoring 8 points for her team!
Watch out for the Hayle-storm ;)

 Grammy and her little pumpkin 

Grammy about blew the house down on her birthday this year. All those candles in one shot!  
We love this woman so much and are glad we got to spend her birthday with her this time around.

I was playing legos with Ty when I looked over and found him like this.  
I decided to make this our new 'Time out' box.

I wanted to do something special with my little man, so we took a trip to Build a Bear Workshop.
As soon as he walked in, he said very matter of factly, "I love this place."

I thought it would take him at least a couple of minutes to decide on which animal he wanted, but he had his Ninja Turtle picked out as soon as he looked up at the selection on the wall.

Grammy came with us and was snapping some photos of his first Build a Bear experience.  Here's Ty  filling out Leo's birth certificate.

And then there's baby G sitting as chill as can be.  
And yes, she has been packing on the pounds since I last posted, thank you for noticing.  
She is so squishy and huggable, and makes everyone work extra hard for her smiles these days. 

And my Angel, Tia. 
I just now am realizing I need to do a waaaaay better job of taking equal amounts of pictures of all my children.   
More of Tia on the next post.  :)

The following is just one example of the many things we do to get a reaction out of Gracelyn.
Usually when I play my guitar she sits up all straight and moves her hands around like a hula dancer...kicking her legs and such.  We tried to get it on video, but she was over it by the time we started recording.  

Hayley Jade turns 11 in 2 days.
Bittersweet.  Every birthday is bittersweet these days.  Lots of growin up and mama don't like it.
More soon.  :)