Sunday, February 22, 2015

photo catch up

Tia is under the impression that when one becomes a teenager, they lose all ability to speak and act like a normal human being.  (Which is definitely partially true.) This is my girl doing  her best teenager impressions.  I die everytime,  you must see this in person.

J invited me to DiAngelo's restaurant for Valentines day....
which was in our dining room, with him playing the part of DiAngelo.

He even threw a little twist in there, and served me Beef and Broccoli, which is not in the least bit Italian.
So full of surprises, this one.

Ty didn't realize that I caught him on camera stealing one of my strawberries.

And below was our Valentines Breakfast

Lots of love happenin up in here.

Hayley played so great this year.   She ended up winning the Character award as well, so it was a pretty awesome way to end her 5th grade season.

 She keeps me company while I cook.   

Hayley's response when I said: "It stinks in here....who in this room hasn't taken a shower in like 5 days?"

On the very last day of the very last random snow fall (which produced approximately 1 and 1/2 inches of snow, and just so happened to be on the first day of spring)...we took our kids out to do a little sledding.  We had the best time.

Grammy thought she'd be funny and start a snowball fight.

She accidentally hit Ty in the face and he got all mad at her.
He pouted like this for like 20 minutes.

J throwing snowballs at my mom.  No mercy for the elderly. ;)

Eventually we used up all the snow, so then our sled just started tipping.


Tia never ceases to amaze me.  She started a 'Service Club' at her school a few weeks ago, for no other reason than she wanted to do something good for the community.  Twice a week, she and her club members spend half of their recess time picking up trash.  She wrote a pledge (which is adorable), and has a set of guidelines to help the club run efficiently.  I thought it would have fizzled out after the first week, but it seems to still be going strong.

We picked up a few cleaning supplies for Ty to call his own, hoping it would give him a little incentive to do his chores.
Best idea I ever had.  ;)

Hayley and her gang at her school's 80's dance

And Tia's gang.  It was a blast watching my girls go all crazy on the dance floor.

Tia turned 9!  

Gracelyn does this pointing gesture, which cracks me up.  It's a simple motion, but she does it with so much intensity.

This was right after I discovered that she discovered how to get out of her Bumbo.

The 5th graders had to choose someone to do a report on, and Hayley chose the man who invented Basketball.  James Naismith.    I think she came pretty close, what do you say?

Field Day

We are missing a key part to our blender.  So we make do.

Baby in a blanket

'Guess I'll sleep then.'

Tia made a sign to cheer her big sister on at her basketball tournament.  
She held it up there for the entire game

I found this in the cupboard a little while ago.  It's a good thing I caught it, or it might have strangled us all in our sleep.

Gracelyn and Johnny.  She is so fascinated by this little boy, and can't seem to keep her hands (or mouth) off of him.

Ty and his buddies 

You had to have been there to appreciate how hilarious this picture really is.  Jordan came home from a golf tournament with a really nice pullover jacket on.  While he was telling me all about his day he kept feeling something on the inside of his jacket, so he went to pull it out, and realized that whatever it was, was stuck.  He took off his jacket and turned it inside out and found this.  I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard.  It was the interfacing they used to put the embroidery on the jacket, but apparently forgot to cut it down to an appropriate size.  It's the size of a friggin piece of paper!  I wonder if everyone that got the jacket had the same issue, or if J was the only lucky one.

Just chillin at one of Tia's soccer games.

J swept me away to Orlando Florida for a 3 day getaway, just him and I.  
Mom and Bret took the kids for us...bless we were able to relax and enjoy every single second.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel with everything you could ever want/need...
like an arcade, for starters.  (this was the first thing we checked out when we arrived.  Is anyone that knows Jordan really surprised?) ;)

 I was just trying to take a nice picture here, and J had to go on and try to get fresh. ;)
  I actually think this is the only one we got of the two of us the whole time.

 This pond apparently had alligators in it, but we never did catch any.  ;)  Guess we were using the wrong kind of bait.

In line at Universal Studios for some of Harry Potter's butter beer ice cream.  Loved it!

This was a half work/half play kind of trip (but mostly play) since Jordan was there for a work while he 'worked'  I spent a lot of time on my big comfy king sized bed, studying for a test I have coming up.
We totally need a king sized bed.
Like for each of us.  One for him and one for me.  ;)

Oh good morning....just heading to the hot tub to relax

The second day we were there, we decided on a whim to find our way to Sea World even though the weather channel called for storms and the hotel concierge had warned us not to go.
 We were feeling wild and free and the weather people are ever right...., so we checked the city bus schedule and  sprinted  to the nearest bus stop since it was due to arrive in like 5 minutes.  I was wearing sandals

We sprinted right through a family of huge birds that looked like Egrets.  We scared the crap out of them and they started running as fast as their skinny legs could carry them.  I was cracking up and trying to take a picture while sprinting.... in my sandals....., while J yelled back at me to stop messing around or we'd miss our bus.

I laughed the whole way  We arrived at our bus stop fully expecting it to show up any second...but 30 minutes later it still wasn't I told J, "heck with this adventure...I'm done here.  it's hot."
As we started walking back, the bus arrived, and we sprinted back to the bus stop to hop on.

Once the bus let us off, we found ourselves in the middle of a friggin monsoon.  It was raining SO HARD, and we had no idea where we were, or what we should do.  So we just started walking toward what we thought looked like Sea World  and hoped for the best. It took us like an hour.  We were soaked from head to toe...but not to worry, I brought my Beanie hat along just in case I would need to protect my hair at some point.
  Naturally, I had to take a picture...since I'm pretty sure I am the only person to have ever worn a beanie hat in the entire state of Florida.
The picture was actually taken in the Bathroom at the Sea World Entrance...because that's as far as
we got before we decided to turn around and head back to the hotel.  It was raining too hard for the rides or shows to be running, and just as we showed up, everyone else was running out of the park. I asked the gift shop lady how much the parkas were (to protect us from the rain) and she looked at me funny.  Later I learned that parkas are not in fact the same thing as ponchos like I had thought.
I am a moron. 

 We walked forever to the next bus stop...and by the time we got there, the rain had ceased and the sun was blazing down again.  We cursed mother nature for ruining our plans and being so spiteful, and then found ourselves in a hole in the wall bar for lunch.  From there we caught a bus that we shouldn't have caught and found ourselves SO far out of the way on the other side of Orlando.  all we could do was laugh.  Our bus driver was a maniac and came within inches of running over 2 different pedestrians.  I was chilled to the bone...soggy, and scared for our lives.
We made it back to the hotel in once piece, but scarred for life.  ;)  To top the day off, as we walked back toward our section of the hotel, we ran into the same family of birds that we scared off earlier.  They took one look at J and I and ran for the hills.
Best ending ever.

When we got back to our room late one night, I had a voicemail waiting for me from the Hotel Spa saying that a friend of mine had secretly arranged for me to get a massage.

I had never told anyone where we would be!  How did she?  What the?
It was such an amazing surprise.  So thoughtful.
I had to take a mirror selfie just before my massage because I felt like a little kid wearing my mom's bathrobe.
They led me into a waiting room which was filled with desserts and drinks and big comfortable chairs and relaxing music.  Everyone used soft calming voices and I think, maybe, it was the closest to heaven I've ever been. ;)

We flew back to Delaware in our shorts and sandals and were welcomed by 35 degree weather. 
 I was glad once again, that my beanie was readily available  :)
Our vacation was over in a flash, but I am so glad Jordan invited me to tag along.

Grammy snuggling her girl. 

Ty Ty turned 4!!

And this little girl turned 1!

My camera ran out of juice just before the big reveal.  It was a baby doll, and I can't even describe the joy and excitement that came out of her little body when she saw it.  It was like she had been waiting her WHOLE LIFE for one.  She's so nurturing and won't let anyone else put their hands on that baby.  
So many things to remember about this little girl's first year of life.
So much fun.

More soon. :)