Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This morning I sent Hayley out to the van to grab her water bottle and she came back all excited about something ELSE she found in there.

I was totally speechless.
Who would DO this?

I had my suspicions, 

But it wasn't until I saw THESE hooked to the back of the van that the mystery was solved for sure.
There is only one household that I know of that has a Diet Dew Addict in it.
An addict who ALSO knows how to break into cars. 

When I confronted the suspect later, she caved and told me the whole story. 
 She had dressed herself in all BLACK to blend in with the night, and snuck out with her husband and one year old baby after the rest of her kids were all in bed.....
Husband broke into my car..while she wrote all over my windows.
They filled my van with balloons, tied cans....tied streamers..and then they hopped in their getaway car and sped home.
The funniest part of the whole story, is that THIS
was their getaway car:

I don't think they could have been more sneaky if they tried.  

You know your friends are TRUE friends when they are willing to break the law to wish you a
Happy Birthday.   
I will remember this one forever :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Another year older, and OBVIOUSLY totally wiser.

Today has been a fantastic birthday because I've been reminded once again of all the amazing people in my life.  I don't think I've ever laughed so much or so hard in one day.

Here are some random pictures from today.

J bought me this cute card for our anniversary.  The only thing is, he never gave it to me.  I kept seeing the card here and there and every few days I would be like, "Hey Babe, you ever going to give me that card?"  His answer was always, "Put that thing away.  I AM going to give it to you."
He never did.
As I was cleaning up a pile of papers the other day, I found it again and decided to go ahead and frame it without his permission.  Hahaha.  

When he noticed it on the wall, he got all fired up, but left it there anyway.  Today he gave me this card which he actually filled out, to act as an 'anniversary/birthday card' to make up for the last one.

He also gave me this sweet pair of exercise pants, which I had to try on right away and test out how flexible they were.  I was really impressed that he would even attempt to buy me clothes in the first place, but even more impressed that he picked out something that I actually like, something that I actually NEED...and something that actually fits me perfectly. ...all without consulting me in the slightest.  Lots of bonus points for that one.

And this is my requested gift.  I love it. ;)

The girls had the best time ever at school today.  They love their teachers.  When Tia came in the door, the first thing she said was, "Mom, I didn't even get yelled at ONE TIME today.  I'm SERIOUS!"

She's never been yelled at, ever at school, but I congratulated her anyway.

Loved the texts, the emails, and the phone calls today.  Thank you so much :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life will go on.

I gave a talk in church today.  I wish I could say it was really wonderful and spiritual...but I flubbed it so bad, that the only words that come to mind are :  'verbal diarrhea' and 'total moron.'
You seriously would have thought that I had never spoken in public, ever.

I couldn't stop laughing at myself all day.  This is me laying on the couch after church doing just that.
Sh.  I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

 Some cute ones of my kids

First day of school tomorrow, folks.  Haven't been this excited in a long time!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day trip

As requested, here is a picture of the finished frog pops!  

Frog heads were never so tasty...

While at the dollar store the other day, Ty had a pretty major blowout in his pants (and shirt, and everywhere really) so I called up a friend who lived close by and asked if he could borrow some clothes to wear since I had one more errand to run. She came to my rescue and hooked me up with one of her little boys' shirts....which on Ty, looked  more like a little black dress.

He didn't just wear it for that errand.  He wore it all day.

Today we took a day trip to Washington D.C., and  just as we suspected, Ty loved the zoo.  

He was in awe the entire time.  He didn't really know how to react, so all he kept doing was pointing.

Then off to the temple we went.

Do you remember how scared Ty was of the little trophy in Hayley's closet?
Think of how he reacted when he saw a BIG statue, like THIS one.
He kept squatting down really low and walking backward, away from it.
He was pretty nervous.

In the visitors center, the Sister Missionaries always talk to us for a little while, and then they ask us to think of someone we could have them talk to about the gospel....or send a  Book of Mormon to, etc.  I always feel a little weird about this, because I don't want my friends thinking I'm imposing my religion on then I ask the missionaries "Can you possibly deliver it withOUT telling them I had anything to do with this?"  And they say, "Sure, if that's what you'd rather have us do."  

So dear friends, if you receive something or someONE on your doorstep, I just want to make it clear, that it wasn't because of me.   ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A handful of low quality pictures

Just a couple shots of the girls with their buddies.

This is how the kids entertain themselves while we play tennis.

And this is how we women entertain ourselves in the kitchen.

What do you mean you can't tell what they are?   Please. 

I bent over to pick up a fallen frog pop, when another one decided to get fresh with me.

These ridiculous(ly amazing) cake pops will be handed out as party favors tomorrow at a baby shower.  The recipients will have NO IDEA what we went through to create these.
No idea whatsoever.
They are still in a preliminary stage here.  I have yet to draw the mouths and noses on, as well as stick on the tongues.

And here is yet another fantastic video of the dancing baby.

I bet you didn't know beat boxing was one of J's talents.